I Don't Kill Easy (EXPLICIT)

by Jabee

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I don’t kill Easy

I know a hater when I see one
I don’t ask for favors I don’t none
Nighas don’t progress they on re-run
Hit my nigha worm said I need drum
Prolly over do it Living life fast
All black wit a pistol something like shaft
I remember as a kid I never fit the mold
Now days nighas trynna fit me in they goals
Biggest name in the city still slept on
I make the best songs
Pure and never stepped on
verses just come so I’m stock pilin
Got my teef fixed I ain’t stop smilin
I seen nighas get high
Ain’t return to earth
Tip toing with this shit
I’m divin head first
Who alleging
He a legend
Ima lesson that impression
every second I’m progressing
My life in my hands
I don’t worry G
Only time it won’t be
Is when they bury me
So ima keep goin til God callin
Nighas baller block
I want the block ballin
Light amongst the dark
you Lie among the dark
Stop sayin nighas hot who ain’t never spark
Out my mouth comes game
Out ya mouth keep my name
Any subliminal I assume I want smoke
I don’t kill easy nighas tried before Jabee

Survival of the unjust no sleep for the wicked/
Learned how to travel the world and still keep my pivot/ don’t let the square look fool you I’m really with wit it/
talk loud about your moves and secretly mimic/
Of course I did but probably won’t credit/cause I made it look easy never compromising messages/
This little light of mine it gotta shine/
I know you nigga see it but pretend that they blind/ it’s all good tho we ain’t stressing it/
every nigga got the answer but don’t know what the question is/
I’m trying cut once so I measure twice/
Baby need new shoes so we roll dice/
I seen the homie on the news I hate he lost his life/
gave my uncle 23 cause he couldn’t afford his rights/
Aw man it’s cold it’s cold game/
the real want the fortune Lames want the fame/
you gotta sacrifice to see your paradise/sometimes we gotta Learn to take our own advice/
you got find your reason what’s your purpose breathing/
people start feeling superior when they think you need em/
and I don’t need a soul/
since my granny left I feel my heart getting cold


released February 12, 2021
Jabee , Cash Lansky , WoRm


all rights reserved



Jabee Oklahoma City

"Jabee's music has the potential to change the world"

-Chuck D

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